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Emily's Journal

Saturday, November 2, 2002


i don't want to work at my job anymore. it's no fun. i mean, the people are nice, but i don't feel challenged. i want to learn things at work. my job is just a job with some nice people in it. that's it. if anyone has any ideas, i'd like to hear them.

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Monday, October 28, 2002


i haven't written anything for so long. wow. i saw 12th night and had an interesting encounter with a ghost of my past. guh.

got really drunk in the lbc. woo hoo!

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Saturday, September 28, 2002

8:14PM - stuff galore

i went to a lame party with keith on saturday. it was just weird. too many people from high school. i think i flirted with stanley brode, i dunno, i can't really remember too much, so i guess it wasn't all that bad. i guess i didn't want to be there because i was sick of hearing "emily fucking mellin. oh my god! how are you?" it was just weird. so we went to this dorm in northridge and chris and sr. montoya was there and so was this guy who looked like toby mcguire which was neat. i was really tired and half asleep the whole time, but i think i enjoyed it.

thomas is wonderful. he does the best barry white impression i've ever heard a white guy do. he'd been going through some shit and so at rehearsal everyone was just being cool with him, which isn't hard to do at all. scott, my new personal hero and one of the best people on I2I had some major shit go down in his family so i haven't seen him for a long time. i wish i had some way of getting in touch with him.

stupid jason got chewed out at work (god, i hope they fire his ass....and the rest of him as well). i'm gonna go read my new j.t. leroy book. oh and gabey, if you read this, i love you, you're awesome and who wrote that jesus book 'sheep' or something?


Friday, September 27, 2002

9:00AM - when i was younger, just a bad little kid.....

on wednesday i got my wisdom teeth pulled out. not as fun as bill murray made it look. the procedure wasn't really as painful as i though it would be, but it still hurt. according to my denist, dr. javdan, i have the biggest tonsils in the history of the world. jeezie-creezie. now i have to go to an ENT and schedule the possible removal of a part of me. how did i get all the luck? all this fun can't be legal.

i'm dying my hair on saturday. because i'm no longer working for the cb&tl i can look however i want.

my manager at steve, Jashun...er...Jason, is the most annoying person in the world. He has an awful slur, he wears light brown colored contacts that make him look like he's on drugs, and for some reason he thinks it his respnsability to bring back the parachute pant look by using baggy light denim jeans and skinny leather belts. he's making the store look bad. not that i really care all that much (honestly, they don't pay me enough to care, but it's a good job for the time being), the rest of the people i work with are really cool. helen's awesome and adam is so much fun. he got the front of his hair bleached in a ginger spice sort of way, but it's okay, he's a good guy.

i'm almost done reading 'naked' by david sedaris. very fucking good. so far, my favorite chapter is called 'cyclops'. i laughed out loud while reading it in the green room. i never laugh out loud when i'm reading. it was great.

margie is really getting on my nerves. everyone in that class paid good money for an hour and a half lesson every tues. and thurs. i think they should get a refund for her repetition and stuttering. she's a spaz and she would be really fun to hang out with, but right now i just don't know about her. she's gonna have to work to gain back my respect.

where the party at, yo?

Current mood: mellow


Sunday, September 22, 2002

11:36PM - raptors raptors everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

ewww. i hate when people who run improv groups get into 'moods'. good lord. eric, the guy who co-runs i2i was in a mood and didn't really seem to want to be there (doyle much?). Then anthony did a scene as a vilocoraptor and i wanted kate to be there sooooo much. just a bleh vibe from tonight. maybe i'll take a shower. that should help get the bad day off me.

i quit my job. i quit it so good. i used to work at the coffee bean, then i got a better job and stated school and didn't want to be at the cb&tl anymore. they didn't pay me enough to care, so i didn't show up and then today i said i won't be in ever. nobu (one of my 5 bosses) was very sweet. he said he'd miss me and to let him know when my shows are because 'heand his wife love going to see live theater'.

er's on now. tommorrow i'm working the other job. i almost killed my ass. manager. being hung over and doing inventory do not mix.

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1:55AM - das subject

wow. germans are fucked up. i just got home from seeing das experiment at the nuart. very good movie. very...jumpy in places, very german, and the lead (lola's boyfriend) was very hot. i also saw a trailer for happiness.......something-something japanese. fucking funny! the end of the trailer was an advertisement for karaoke!

and now, a story proving theater kids can't do anything truly bad-ass. my phone was stolen while in a moment of weakness i left it unattended and went to the restroom. the theif, after reading my lost notice felt so bad he gave the phone to the greenroom manager and said he's pay for the 25 dollar phone bill he created. my phone was only gone for 1/2 a day, and i'm not complaining, i just think it's funny how even when trying to do something wrong or bad theater kids can't do it. ha!

i didn't realaize that it was saturday at the nuart when i went to the movie this evening and that usually meant one thing...rocky. rocky is a part of my past and although i like alot of the people i've met through rocky, i just don't want to go anymore. i think it stopped being fun when quite a few gross 30 year olds would hit on me (and i was 16 at the time. what're we supposed to talk about, the fact that we still both live with our mothers? guh). seeing liz was neat. she's always been cool with me. anyway...i don't know where this is going.

i should stop letting films influence my desicions. case in point, i gave 2 wks notice at the job i don't like and last night i watched office space and this morning, i didn't go to work. i did nothing. it was everything i thought it would be. i don't think i'm going to work tommorrow either. (actually, i might give the junkie who wants more hours all my shifts. fuck it, that job has nothing more to offer me).

i got a new book today. i hope it's good.

Current mood: drained

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Saturday, September 21, 2002

9:13AM - Water.

last night was an I2I party. So much fun. anthony is my new favorite person. the party was at a new aaron's home. it was an even gayer anna nicole smith house. crazyness. i love those guys.

i finished reading tommy's tale (alan cumming's book). it took me two days. very good read. lots of cocaine and anal sex.

beoc is coming along nicely. bon's crazy. he's very intense.

Current mood: hungry


Wednesday, September 18, 2002

9:03AM - Furthering my education

There's this music room in my student union where you can just sit in a bean bag chair and listen to stuff under black light. I go there sometimes when I have a break between classes. Some of the music is really played out, some of it rocks, but what I've noticed is all the bands they play that I really like but never was aware of before. I never knew I liked Cypress Hill as much as I do. Then I thought about it and I reealized that many of my friends know much more about music than I do (Lauren, I'm giving your C.D.'s back to you very soon, I promise!) but I never really took all that much time to take advantage of their knowledge. I'm not asking you guys for lists of bands I should "check out" (i mean, if you want to give me some, that's cool, but don't feel obligated), I just wanted to thank you for being cool and know that although your knowledge was not always used it was always appreciated.

cats are evil.

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Monday, September 16, 2002

9:55AM - Can't sleep, clown'll eat me.

I've been semi-sick for the past two days, which is no fun, but on the plus side I haven't worked the few lousy hours of little-to-no-pay I've been scheduled for either. I don't want to work at the Coffee Bean. I've mentally quit. I hate Maria. Everyone hates Maria. I don't like hating people but for some reason having everyone at work talk shit about her makes it okay, in a really fucked up sort of way. I have a job I like. It's fun. But guh, enough is enough of this whole coffee thing. I want an espresso machine. That would be pretty sweet.

School is very cool. I'm working on a play called BEOC (Babylonian Epic of Creation) which is very cool (it opens the 11th, more details later...) and I'm also in an improv troupe called Insults 2 Injury. There are so many neat people in the troupe, it's like csz but with no Doyle!!

I can't believe it's the middle of September and I have no clue as to what I'm going to be for Halloween. This has never happen to me before. Everytime I start thinking about it, it seems something else comes up. I don't even have a long list of things to narrow it down to. Weird. Is this the end of an era? Meh, I'll think of somethin'.

Gabe's gone, which is weird, but everybody's having fun, so the mutual lack of one another doesn't seem to be sucking all that much for anybody, which is good. Still, it's just weird knowing Gabe doesn't live in the same city as me anymore. I heard he's having adventures with pirates. Lucky bastard!!

As my dad gets older and older it become even clearer to me that I need a place of my own. Nothing too fancy, just a place for me to store my wigs. It looks like October is a good movin' month.

I should go do something today.

Current mood: lazy

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Sunday, September 8, 2002

10:03PM - thoughts for a sunday evening

had some good indian food today. i can't pronounce half of what i ate, but it was so good i didn't really care. i worked with the best crew today (for the one person who may know what i'm talking about it was alex, ruvi and donnese) and it was so much fun. a bit too much coffee i think, but still so much fun.
saw ken and emily mosier at the mall the other day. ken got a big fuck all heart tattoo and it looks cool, but man is it fucking big!
hearing my sister talk about the academy really took me back. she's so happy.
i should take some tums.

Current mood: full

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Wednesday, September 4, 2002

3:18PM - Oprah should shut the fuck up.

I thought we were beyond the whole 'blame the media for our kid's stupidity' thing until I turned on the tv and started watchin' Oprah. Ah well, I don't have kids, what do I care?

College is pretty cool. All I'm taking is theater and dance classes and then self-defense and bowling! How cool is that?! I really like my teachers. I thought theater appreciation was going to be boring and kind of a "this is what this is called, now write an essay so we can appreciate it" but it's not. I get to write theater critiques and perform and my eacher is like a possitive Luis Black. It's pretty cool.

I miss everybody that went away like crazy. My sister started her first day in Blurred Vision so I still feel connected but not in a 'hey, I'm still apart of AVPA' sort of way.

Gotta go to work at 6.

Current mood: sleepy

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Friday, August 30, 2002

2:45PM - Fuck College up th ASS!!

okay, so maybe it's not all that bad, but I'm a little fed up with the folks at csulb financial aid. it seems they have fucked up my financial aid causing me to pay them a visit just to sign one paper and get it all back. goodness, i was beyond pissed off and fuckin' scared out of my mind. but things should hopefully be okay now.

saying good-bye to people is hard, but not as hard as i thought. don't get me wrong, i miss all you recent nest-leavers like nobody's buisness, but instead of a feeling of i'm never going to see them anymore" it's more a feeling of "woo hoo! now i have a reason to go to new york! party!" i love all you guys and miss you all terribly.

i named my dashboard hula man keoni (is that how you spell it?). i think he would approve.

burnin' c.d. time. then i must go sell shoes.

Current mood: happy

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Saturday, August 24, 2002

1:33AM - Malibu nights, malibu dreams

holy shit, tonight was so fun. I went to this party at a friends co-werkers house. Dildough Heaven is playing tonight at the new york underground film festival. shit. I had like this flaming mo shit minus the Krusty brand cought syrup and I swear to god, I m having the best time. Two of my friends stumbled me home and I think they are fully cognasant of how bad they've gotten. what the fuck am i talking about? I talked to that chick who looks like anne frank. she's cooooool. nobody be me when they grow up. shit.,

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1:33AM - Malibu nights, malibu dreams

holy shit, tonight was so fun. I went to this party at a friends co-werkers house. Dildough Heaven is playing tonight at the new york underground film festival. shit. I had like this flaming mo shit minus the Krusty brand cought syrup and I swear to god, I m having the best time. Two of my friends stumbled me home and I think they are fully cognasant of how bad they've gotten. what the fuck am i talking about? I talked to that chick who looks like anne frank. she's cooooool. nobody be me when they grow up. shit.,

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Friday, August 16, 2002

9:43PM - I hate stinky feet!

I just finished my first day on the floor. It was pretty fun. A lot of work, but pretty fun. I love Dario. He can be such a slave driver. My shift was over for like 10 minutes and I was almost out the door and he was like "Emilia, where do you think you're going?" He's great. Randy's kinda cool and Cyd is just fun. So many accronyms, so little time.

I hate (and I really don't like to hate anything so the less I use that word, the better for me) people who have life experience coming out of their ears in things that have no connection to me at all, but still insist on telling me how wrong everthing I do is and how much I'm screwing up my life. What the fuck!?! How am i supposed to gain life experience if I'm living someone else's life? I'm an adult damnit! Damn the man, save the empire!

In other news, I think chris is having a murder mystery party for kate's going away party, and I have yet to hear anything about it from him. I think it would be pretty shitty to have an exclusionary good-bye party for one of my favorite people that I'm going to miss so much, just because he wants to be passive aggressive. Fuck that. I'll just get high or something and have my own good-bye party and invite him along with eveybody else to show him I can be an adult and I believe in live and let live....or die, whatever. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Hahahahaha. So everyone who loves Kate Meyers and wants to par-tay dpwn at my house before she leaves, gimmie a buzz and I'll set it all up. And tell everybody!!

I'm like 92% done being sick. I'm still kinda tired and stuffy, but with juice, meds and rest that should all pass very soon.

Word to your mother.

Current mood: awake

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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

9:38PM - I wanna kick Judge Judy's ass

Wouldn't that be cool? Me and Judge Judy, in the ring, 2 minutes, that's all I need.

I'm still sick (boo!) and I can't see my friend's show tonight (double boo!)....did I really rtpe 'double boo!' ? God, I'm really out of it.

So I was looking on the Blockbuster Video website and noticed there's this movie called "American Psycho II" starring Mila Kunis (from that 70's show) and William Shatner. Ho-lee-shit. I have to rent it just to see how bad it is.

I know some of you have written me comments to my LJ entries and I have not responded. There is a good reason for this. You see, everytime I try to resond, lj yells at me and tells me I can't until I follow their instructions and correct some sort of problem. Well, I did everything it asked me and still I can't reply. If anyone knows how to help, I would really appreciate it.

Current mood: sick

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6:36PM - werk shmerk

i just got off the phone with my manager and i got my schedule for the next few days. I'm not working all that much, but still, cash is cash.

I still feel like crap, but it's a little better now. I was pretty bored, so I plugged in my new distorter and had fun for a while.

Current mood: blah

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12:58PM - *cough*sneeze*ache*

Ugh, i feel awful. i'm sick. boo hoo. and i still prpbably have to go into work tommorrow. damn my need for money. damn it all to hell. it's a good thing i like the taste of oj. damn it. i really. feel like crap.


Tuesday, August 13, 2002

11:40PM - Jackalopes and kick-ass nuts.

I love Bowie. I wish the phone book was automated so I could hear his voice for hours and hours. Mmmmmm....I feel delicious.

Current mood: giddy


Monday, August 12, 2002

8:36PM - Useful Information

I found this on the back of a notebook. Enjoy

(dry measure) (linear measure)
8 quarts = 1 peck 16 1/2 feet = 1 rod
4 pecks = 1 bushel 660 feet = 1 furlong
1 cord = 128 cu. feet

(paper measure) (apothecaries weight)
24 sheets = 1 quire 20 grains = 1 scruple
20 quires = 1 ream 3 scruples = 1 dram
10 reams = 1 bale

Current mood: bored

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