Emily (sonotfrench) wrote,

Furthering my education

There's this music room in my student union where you can just sit in a bean bag chair and listen to stuff under black light. I go there sometimes when I have a break between classes. Some of the music is really played out, some of it rocks, but what I've noticed is all the bands they play that I really like but never was aware of before. I never knew I liked Cypress Hill as much as I do. Then I thought about it and I reealized that many of my friends know much more about music than I do (Lauren, I'm giving your C.D.'s back to you very soon, I promise!) but I never really took all that much time to take advantage of their knowledge. I'm not asking you guys for lists of bands I should "check out" (i mean, if you want to give me some, that's cool, but don't feel obligated), I just wanted to thank you for being cool and know that although your knowledge was not always used it was always appreciated.

cats are evil.
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