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when i was younger, just a bad little kid.....

on wednesday i got my wisdom teeth pulled out. not as fun as bill murray made it look. the procedure wasn't really as painful as i though it would be, but it still hurt. according to my denist, dr. javdan, i have the biggest tonsils in the history of the world. jeezie-creezie. now i have to go to an ENT and schedule the possible removal of a part of me. how did i get all the luck? all this fun can't be legal.

i'm dying my hair on saturday. because i'm no longer working for the cb&tl i can look however i want.

my manager at steve, Jashun...er...Jason, is the most annoying person in the world. He has an awful slur, he wears light brown colored contacts that make him look like he's on drugs, and for some reason he thinks it his respnsability to bring back the parachute pant look by using baggy light denim jeans and skinny leather belts. he's making the store look bad. not that i really care all that much (honestly, they don't pay me enough to care, but it's a good job for the time being), the rest of the people i work with are really cool. helen's awesome and adam is so much fun. he got the front of his hair bleached in a ginger spice sort of way, but it's okay, he's a good guy.

i'm almost done reading 'naked' by david sedaris. very fucking good. so far, my favorite chapter is called 'cyclops'. i laughed out loud while reading it in the green room. i never laugh out loud when i'm reading. it was great.

margie is really getting on my nerves. everyone in that class paid good money for an hour and a half lesson every tues. and thurs. i think they should get a refund for her repetition and stuttering. she's a spaz and she would be really fun to hang out with, but right now i just don't know about her. she's gonna have to work to gain back my respect.

where the party at, yo?
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