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Fuck College up th ASS!!

okay, so maybe it's not all that bad, but I'm a little fed up with the folks at csulb financial aid. it seems they have fucked up my financial aid causing me to pay them a visit just to sign one paper and get it all back. goodness, i was beyond pissed off and fuckin' scared out of my mind. but things should hopefully be okay now.

saying good-bye to people is hard, but not as hard as i thought. don't get me wrong, i miss all you recent nest-leavers like nobody's buisness, but instead of a feeling of i'm never going to see them anymore" it's more a feeling of "woo hoo! now i have a reason to go to new york! party!" i love all you guys and miss you all terribly.

i named my dashboard hula man keoni (is that how you spell it?). i think he would approve.

burnin' c.d. time. then i must go sell shoes.
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