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Oprah should shut the fuck up.

I thought we were beyond the whole 'blame the media for our kid's stupidity' thing until I turned on the tv and started watchin' Oprah. Ah well, I don't have kids, what do I care?

College is pretty cool. All I'm taking is theater and dance classes and then self-defense and bowling! How cool is that?! I really like my teachers. I thought theater appreciation was going to be boring and kind of a "this is what this is called, now write an essay so we can appreciate it" but it's not. I get to write theater critiques and perform and my eacher is like a possitive Luis Black. It's pretty cool.

I miss everybody that went away like crazy. My sister started her first day in Blurred Vision so I still feel connected but not in a 'hey, I'm still apart of AVPA' sort of way.

Gotta go to work at 6.
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